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New Capital Services

At New Capital Services we've developed an asset-backed tool as a service. We can provide cryptocurrency with real-estate as a backup which lead to a 100% fixed price coverage ratio! Besides this we're offering a quality platform for real estate owners to earn our Kubid tokens.

Asset-backed tool

We collect a certain amount of real-estate which is carefully selected and evaluated by our team of professionals. That way we can fit the type of coin with the requested value.

More about Kubid
Crypo with real-estate as a backup
Asset-backed crypto

Real Estate Owners

Thanks to our asset-backed tool we can offer real estate owners a high quality platform with a new earning model! When joining our community as a real estate owner you will be able to earn Kubid tokens. This creates a substantial investment opportunity for your assets!


A real-estate backed coin with a 100% fixed price coverage ratio due to a carefully selected real-estate basket!

Information About The Token

  • Kubid
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Kubid token

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